We ready to present you our road-map (developing plans on the future).The main development plan: 

  • March 2020 — the release Early Access in Steam.
  • April 2020 — updates the personal files for officers and paramedics. Adding new 911 calls to paramedics with different situations. Early Access in Discord.
  • May 2020 — the addition Fire Department along with 4-6 service vehicles. Update the city sound map.
  • June 2020 — implementation of multiplayer up to 10 users. Increase the playing card.
  • July 2020 — creation and binding of the rating system, the career of an officer/paramedic/firefighter.
  • August 2020 — game release.


 Additional steps: 

  • March 2020 — implementation of the first DLC or, in case of failure — the transfer of the introduction of new factions directly through game updates.
  • April 2020 — game card fixtures aimed at increasing the comfort of the game.
  • May 2020 — new effects, post-effects and post-processing game pictures.
  • June 2020 — admin panel to create and customize the lobby, the ability to extend the participants limit, and connect the program to community developers. The expected server capacity is up to 500 users online.
  • July 2020 — creating intra-game events, the course of which will depend on the player’s actions.
  • August 2020 — the game will release in all games stores.

 And one more:
We certainly understand that there will be mistakes in Early Access in the game. All these mistakes, together with you, will have to find and correct. With the release of new updates, new bugs may appear.
We look forward to your help in correcting them.

Best regards,