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Knowledgebase - a collection of relevant information regarding all our projects. Technical, financial, and gaming news. The knowledge base is created for self-selection decisions and unloading of our Support Team.

The knowledge base is not a replacement game encyclopedia and does not contain such several purely in-game information, as an object in the knowledge base is different. However, you can contact our Support via the in-game issues (Laura, functionality, technology, etc.).

Please read with several points regarding Support:

General questions - section for the significant, General issues. Please before asking your question, read the Knowledge Base. Perhaps we have already answered Your question in the articles. We try to regularly update the material and operative to publish information about critical incidents.
At the time of application, You have the option to select priority processing of Your request. Please use this function properly. If Your question is not critical, do not put a high priority. Maybe someone of the users has an urgent problem that needs to be solved as quickly as possible.
Please try to give a full description of Your problem/question to minimize the number of follow-up questions from our Support Team.
For problems with the financial side, errors with payments, issues with the account, there is a separate section - Account. Please, if Your question fits the description of this category, send him there.
To remove Your data works category - Protection of personal data. If You want to remove your personal information that we collect from you to provide services, You can contact in this section. More details on these issues can find the information in the article "personal data Protection."
We hope and believe in mutually beneficial cooperation!

Thank you!

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