911 FR

911 FR – 3D Action, opening the solar virtual city on the Pacific coast. Try yourself in the role of police officer, firefighter or paramedic. One big map. Lot of activity. More than 50 diferent 911 situation. Choose your character and let's open the first open-world 3D action!


Sector Fire — a new online sci-fi top-down shooter who opens up the alternative future. Choose your armor and weapon, upgrade and pump them and fight!

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Protecting and deleting personal data

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As with any online project, we collect and process your personal data and information, store it and use for providing quality gaming service. All the data that we collect is securely stored in special storage facilities and access to them are only responsible for a particular profile of employees SKYSTATION.RED. Data transfer is made via a secure https Protocol and secure SSL certificate COMODO Essential Wildcard CA.

You may request deletion of your personal data on the page, in the section "Protection of personal data". After sending the request we will need verification of your application, by relying the message to your email address that you used during the registration process in the center of the Community.

After successful processing of your request for removal of personal data, your account of the Center for Community and SSR ID will be disabled and run the data removal process. All your personal data, including:

  • saved passwords
  • postal address
  • personal correspondence
  • the history of communication with customer support
  • text and image files
  • data integrations with other services
  • account

... will be removed. After the process is complete you will be sent additional notification via a verification mail SKYSTATION.RED. After sending of such notice, the history of correspondence with our Support Team for the Protection of Personal Data will be deleted.

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