911 FR

911 FR – 3D Action, opening the solar virtual city on the Pacific coast. Try yourself in the role of police officer, firefighter or paramedic. One big map. Lot of activity. More than 50 diferent 911 situation. Choose your character and let's open the first open-world 3D action!


Sector Fire — a new online sci-fi top-down shooter who opens up the alternative future. Choose your armor and weapon, upgrade and pump them and fight!

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SSR Ashley

The New UI - Police

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Hello, friends!

Time to talk about the new game interface. We revised our attitude to the UI and made a number of conceptual changes.

The old user interface was cumbersome and took up too much space. And as much attention. Initially, it was planned and seen as an interesting stylistic decision based on the external design of the game. But now we understand that this solution is not very convenient.

Also, it is worth noting that the old interface was different from the new and the localization method. In the old, used originally applied to the image text. That greatly complicates the creation of multi-languages was required to constantly adjust the image to each other. In the new UI, we use variables that give us access to the possibility of creating a large number of language localizations.

Now we consider the issue except Russian, English, and Ukrainian languages, even Spanish and German.
All screens here: http://go.skystation.red/20aIQqh

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