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What is it and why bother? 

Last Survivors – 2D Tower Defence opens up a fictional world in which severe climatic conditions, after the environmental disaster struggle to survive, battling with the creatures of the new world, monsters, and mutants, defending every piece of available land. Only the strongest will survive! 

The game is at an early stage of development of JEM learned this week and decided I'd try. To make the project a little more than a month - an excellent puzzle with a good time frame in which you can try to meet  


When creating games we are inspired such creations as the universe Metro, Stalker, Survarium and some other projects. Events develop in relative proximity to Chernobyl, but we are not looking for realism (strange as it may sound) and allow yourself small deviations in the feeding environment. 

The main concept game, the skeleton and the Foundation on which to build a game genre Tower Defence. However, the game ends. TD - clean basis. We love and appreciate the story of the games, explaining the history, interesting narrative and immersion in the universe. 


At the moment we build the game lore, create concept units in-game, environment, and filling the world. We have interesting and exciting jobs over the next (slightly more than) thirty days. I hope and believe that our creation comes before the release and we will be able to graduate on Steam ^).

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