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My Game City - 3D Action, opening the solar virtual city on the Pacific coast. Try yourself in the role of the police officer or go in the ambulance, transport of passengers in any place or follow pre-arranged routes. Maybe you have is the soul for salvation iron friends? Then feel like a tow truck driver!

When creating the game we start from the concept of a virtual version of Los Angeles, but all the names of the geographical locations of streets and house numbers tampered with and replaced. Any similarities to real existing objects is random.


Protect law and order on the streets of Your City and protect citizens from crimes! Join the ranks of the police, go through the briefings, get ready and head out on your cruiser on patrol, stop offenders, to fines, respond to the 911 calls and participate in high-speed chase!


"The call came in! The victim bleed, need urgent hospitalization!" - join the ranks of paramedics, use modern equipment for fast and quality care. 

Waiting for you a well thought out plot and quest system of work paramedic rescue, during which you can try yourself in the role of employee few fictional private EMS services.


Yellow cab is the traditional pattern for many cities in the United States. And we also decided to include them in our project. Try yourself in the role of a taxi driver, pick your dream car, go to work, collect calls and deliver passengers in any point of the city! 

Interesting story-the quest system and the possibility of different events will make your shift a memorable (but not exactly).


This is not the end. This is only the beginning. The project is now in development. We work to implement our basic ideas and goals, but that is not all we want to do. After the project is launched in early access we plan to implement other types of transport and urban services. Including buses and tow trucks. And maybe even something more. 

Will be grateful for your help and support! Together we will make the best city!


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