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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, friends! Time to talk about the new game interface. We revised our attitude to the UI and made a number of conceptual changes. The old user interface was cumbersome and took up too much space. And as much attention. Initially, it was planned and seen as an interesting stylistic decision based on the external design of the game. But now we understand that this solution is not very convenient. Also, it is worth noting that the old interface was different from the new and the localization method. In the old, used originally applied to the image text. That greatly complicates the creation of multi-languages was required to constantly adjust the image to each other. In the new UI, we use variables that give us access to the possibility of creating a large number of language localizations. Now we consider the issue except Russian, English, and Ukrainian languages, even Spanish and German. All screens here:
  2. SSR Ashley

    AST Testing 2.0

    Friends! We want to share with you one great news! We started a new stage of the closed test of 911 FR (AST Test). This is a big process. This is a long process. This is a difficult process. During the current test session, we will test all locations of our new map, bigger game map, check the new UI, test new sound effects and try as quickly as possible to stop the suspect's vehicle. And now time needs your AI friend for a response to your request. The process of the February testing has some individual steps, each of which is designed to test all that we have done in the past. If you have the PC device on the Windows, time, desire and patience - you can write to me in PM. And I will add you to our test team. Best Regards, The development team